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South African Medicinal Plants And Healing Walk

Dear students

Welcome to the Fourth Course unit: South African Medicinal Plants And Healing Walk, hosted by Newkajabi: one of the leading, secure and trusted Knowledge Commerce & Online Course Platforms.

In this field course, Jean takes us on healing journey through the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve close to Johannesburg to learn to identify and use South Africa’s most powerful medicinal healing plants, wild edible plants, as well as explaining principles of holistic medicine and how ayahuasca and other visionary plants heal from personal experiences. 1hr: 18 min

This module integrates much of the knowledge from the previous units into practical ways we can heal using; nutrition, nature, medicinal plants and importantly-ourselves: our beliefs and attitudes, that some of the plants like true teachers can show us!

Some topics discussed include:

How to positively identify plants?

Harvesting plants sustainably.

Traditional medicine preparation methods and uses of popular medicinal plants.

How medicinal plants produce different levels of plant chemicals and in different parts of the plants.

How different medicinal plants can be used together for synergistic actions.

What is the visionary plant experience like? and much more...


Important research questions are left with you to contemplate that can steer you into exploring new avenues of plant research and healing and Jean explores some poorly known yet powerful psychoactive and other medicinal plants that need urgent further investigation.

Enjoy this relaxing adventure into the African Bush to explore its healing gems!


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