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The Healing Power Of Psychoactive Plants

Dear students

Welcome to the Second Course unit: The Healing Power Of Psychoactive Plants, hosted by Newkajabi: one of the leading, secure and trusted Knowledge Commerce & Online Course Platforms.

In this course we will explore how specific psychoactive plants affect behavior and mood through their action on the neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, and how visionary plants such as ayahuasca-DMT produce visions and heal through heightened emotional receptivity and interrupting behavioral patterns. Jean also covers psychoactive food plants and how they can be used to treat lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, poor memory and stress and anxiety. 52 min

This seminar course is good foundation knowledge for those who want to know how psychoactive plants affect the brain and behavior and how they heal.

Topics covered include:

  • What are psychoactive plants?
  • Definitions of psychoactive.
  • Traditional uses of psychoactive plants in shamanic healing and trance states.
  • Examples: Ayahuasca, Brugmansia-Tao, Sceletium, catha edulis etc
  • The neuropharmacology of mood and perception: How brain chemicals like serotonin are made from amino acids and the role of minerals and vitamins in affecting their production.
  • How psychoactive plants can help treat and heal conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression?
  • Examples of psychoactive food plants and spices and their healing actions.
  • How ayahuasca and other visionary plants heal.
  • Shamanic technologies of healing.

A very interesting and useful introductory course to help you know how psychoactive plant foods can heal the nervous system and be used to increase mood, libido, concentration and well-being.

To supplement this knowledge I have included: Worksheet notes: Psychoactive Plants, Healing and Pattern Breaking, The nervous system guidelines, and Ubulawu: Southern Africa’s Psychoactive Teacher Plant Healing Medicine.

Enjoy the deepening Journey into Plant Alchemy and How You Can Transform Your Life Through the Healing Power of Natural Medicine!


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