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The Major Visionary Psychoactive Plants

Dear students

Welcome to the Third Course unit: The Major Visionary Psychoactive Plants. Getting to Know your Plants, & FAQ’s, hosted by Newkajabi: one of the leading, secure and trusted Knowledge Commerce & Online Course Platforms.

In this very informative and practical guidance course: Jean-Francois Sobiecki, phytoalchemist and healer takes his students through the major strong acting psychoactive visionary plants/fungi: Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Psilocybe mushrooms, Ubulawu: Silene undulata (dream root), Synaptolepis kirkii (dream rhizome), and African imphepho, outlining their traditional uses, the differences between the plants, affects, ceremony preparation advise and diets, and how to make and use the plant medicines. 1hr: 20 min 

This course is for those people who want to deepen their relationship to the visionary plants and to know specific information pertaining to each plant, as well as learning how psychoactive plants heal the body and mind and their relationship to shamanic healing technologies !


Module 1. Ayahuasca part 1

Module 2. Ayahuasca part 2

Module 3. San Pedro

Module 4. Mixing plants and ceremony observances

Module 5. Psilocybe Mushrooms

Module 6. Peyote

Module 7. African Plant Teacher Medicines: Ubulawu


Some of the major aspects include:

  • What is Ayahuasca and the other major visionary plants and fungi?
  • How are these plants used traditionally for healing and their healing potentials today?
  • What is the work of the shaman?
  • Shamanic beliefs and worldviews.
  • What are the differences between the plants, and their effects?
  • How are they prepared and how do you take them?
  • Pre-ceremony preparation and diets.
  • What about taking many plants together?
  • Who shouldn’t take them-and contraindications.

In this course we will explore the ever increasingly popular visionary plant medicines like ayahuasca and san pedro that are showing remarkable healing properties to treat addictions, depression and other nervous system disorders.

The course also includes podcasts on healing insights using visionary plants.

This is true plant alchemy here - enjoy the Journey!


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